Andrea Mock Top

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Andrea Mock Top Design Specifications:

  • Check out our sizing here
  • Our running mock top cut for curves, and designed to move with you!  Gathering in the front will leave you comfortable and covered!  
  • A generous length that will fall at your hips all the way around!
  • This is the softest blend we could find with spandex to follow your curves and movement (think if Marilyn Monroe designed this shirt!)
  • A hidden pocket with a zipper on the side for whatever you want!
  • The neck is NOT tight, so you have plenty of room to move.  The insulation seals at the seam, so the warmth gets locked in at the neckline.
  • The sleeves are longer so you can roll them, or use the thumbholes.  The thumbholes are generously cut, and will fit over running gloves!  I cannot wait to wear this skiing this winter!  
  • This will be worn on plenty of miles, always with plenty of smiles, and if you're running with Andrea - a TON of laughs too!!  This will keep you warm at the kids soccer games without the bulk so you can move around (because you know you'll be walking back and forth to the snack bar with them).  Wear this out for a fun dinner with a cute pair of jeans, too!  As always, it's comfortable enough to sneak in an afternoon nap as well.  
  • This top runs true to size! Detailed sizing specifications coming soon! 
  • 60% Nylon, 27% Polyester, 3% Spandex
  • Designed in the U.S.A.!!!


The Andrea Design Inspiration:
Sometimes there are people in the Village that you hear about all the time, and for some reason, your paths don't cross.  This is one of those stories.  When I moved to Katy, and when the topic of "running" came up, (every single time), Andrea's name was always mentioned.  But it didn't stop with running.  Every single topic was covered.  From "you have to go see her to get fitted for shoes", to "she and her husband are training for Ironman", to "her son plays on my baseball team - what a great family", to "yes, she runs that program at school" - everything.  There wasn't anything this woman couldn't and didn't do without the love, respect, and admiration from everyone she met.  Everyone.  Absolutely everyone loved her.  Had so many incredible things to say about her.  She was nearing a myth after a while.

Fast forward to the first day of my Running Club (my second season), and there were a lot of new people.  There are small windows to get to know each other, for you are breathless the majority of the time (I have the best Running Club ever!).  But I found myself next to this determined woman; she was sweet, during the set rests, she was so funny, and within minutes, I felt like I knew her forever.  The session went on, and we finally exchanged names....I had finally met the incredible, the famous, the "you two would love each other" - Andrea!  She was everything and more than described.  This woman has an incredible perspective - absolutely incredible.  She and her husband are an absolute force.  Scott is a Veteran of the United States Army, and is as amazing as her.  They trained for Ironman together, and are currently training for a 100 Mile run together!  They have two incredible children, and have friends and family surrounding them always!  Last year she and her family kept on taking hits right and left.  You know what she did?  She did not give up.  She pulled her loved ones closer, and she kept moving forward.  Not only did she keep moving forward, she served as the leader for her family!  She led them through their challenges.  On the other side of that, they came out stronger than they were before.  Because she led them with her heart and her perspective.  That's what she does.

Andrea is every bit of the word Ironman.  She does not give up when challenged.  She always works hard, she is always helping others, she always focuses on what is important, and she always tries her very best.  She is one of those people that when you're around her, you just feel happier.  It's amazing.  One morning at 5:00 AM, we were running together.  We started to pick up our speed a bit, and within seconds, I bit it.  I bit it bad.  I was bloody, bruised, had the wind knocked out of me, and THANK GOODNESS she stopped my Garmin for me!!!  I stood up, brushed myself off, and decided to "just run home" (it was 2 miles).  Andrea wished me well (didn't feel comfortable with sending me off, but she knew I wasn't having it any other way), and off I went.  I remember being so mad, thinking to myself "did I just get up at 4:00 AM to be headed home already?  Really?  Then I asked myself "what would Andrea do?".  I knew the answer.  She wouldn't have been headed home.  So I turned my firey little self around, turned the power on, and within 20 minutes, I was right back with her.  That's what she does for you.  This is just one of the many, many examples of how her love, support, dedication, perspective, and downright sparkly personality helps everyone around her.  She makes every day a better place.  She is the myth, the legend, the fairytale, the Ironman, an all around badass, and one of the best people you'll ever know.  She is Andrea. 

This piece is designed with a little spunk, a little flair, and a little bit of sexy (who ever said that about a mock turtleneck?)!  If Marilyn Monroe ever designed a great mock top to run in, wear all over the place, sleep in, and throw on after yoga - I think this is what she would have designed.  This piece is light but is strong.  It will keep you warm without the weight.  I have worn this on cool Michigan summer nights, and tested it in the Houston "winter" last year only running in this.  There is a hidden pocket on this piece for the $20 to have on your run, the parking ticket for the valet, or whatever else you need.  There isn't a body contact point at the pocket, so you don't have to worry about chaffing!  The seaming on it will compliment every figure (especially Andrea's!)!  When you put it on, you will feel the perspective, the power, the strength, the humor, the beauty, and the motivation of the one and the very only.....the Andrea Mock Top.

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    At Joules Athletics, we design our clothing, "gear", to accommodate the body when it is in motion.  Traditional sizing is built around the body's measurements when it is still.  But can we have a show of hands for the last time you sat still in your clothes all day?  Exactly!!!  That's why all of our gear is made to move with you!!  

    Our gear is also made to accommodate the fit you want.  If you want a tighter fit, try a size down!  If you would like a looser fit, try a size up!  There is no wrong answer, it is all in how you will feel the most comfortable.  Because we believe when you are comfortable in what you're wearing, you feel confident, and then you can go accomplish anything!!"  (and we can't wait to cheer you on!)

    Tween's Sizing:

    Tops: Bottoms:
    Size: Bust: Size: Waist:
    Small (10) 27 - 29" Small (10) 23 - 25"
    Medium (12) 29 - 31" Medium (12) 25 - 27"
    Large (14) 31 - 33" Large (14) 27 - 29"
    X-Large (16) 33 - 35" X-Large (16) 29 - 31"


    Women's Sizing:

    Tops: Bottoms:
    Size: Bust: Size: Waist: Hips:
    XX-Small (0) 30 - 32" XX-Small (0) 23 - 25" 33 - 35"
    X-Small (2) 32 - 34" X-Small (2) 25 - 27" 35 - 37"
    Small (4/6) 34 - 36" Small (4/6) 27 - 29" 37 - 39"
    Medium (8/10) 36 - 38" Medium (8/10) 29 - 31" 39 - 41"
    Large (12/14) 38 - 40" Large (12/14) 31 - 33" 41 - 43"
    X-Large (16/18) 40 - 42" X-Large (16/18) 33 - 35" 43 - 45"
    XX-Large (18/20) 42 - 44" XX-Large 35 - 37" 45 - 47"


    Size: Bust:
    XX-Small (0) 30 - 32"
    X-Small (2) 32 - 34"
    Small (4/6) 34 - 36"
    Medium (8/10) 36 - 38"
    Large (12/14) 38 - 40"
    X-Large (16/18) 40 - 42"
    XX-Large (18/20) 42 - 44"


    Men's Sizing:

    Size: Bust:
    Medium (34) 39 - 42"
    Large (36) 42 - 45"
    X-Large (38) 45 - 48"
    XX-Large (40) 48 - 51"
    XXX-Large (44) 51"+