Teri Vest

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The Story of The Teri Vest:
The Teri Vest is designed after the purpose, determination, motivation, beauty, simplicity and honor of the tenacious Superhero powers of the incredible Teri.  Teri has the most incredible sense of purpose one will ever meet.  You can literally feel her presence when she is in the room.  The strength comes through in her gaze and in her smiles.  She has served side-by-side to some of the world's most powerful people (names like Rumsfeld are in her daily language), they trust her explicitly.  A "hello" from Teri, and you will know why!  This is a woman who wants to change the world.  She wants to bring awareness to the topics that need it most, and help people sift through information to help them come to their own conclusions.  She wants to serve as the voice for women Veterans - be their voice, be their ally, and give them opportunities and representation.  But most of all, she wants to keep leading to be part of the solution.  Again, at a "hello" from Teri, you know that without a doubt, all of this is possible from her!  She is filled with an incredible work ethic, passion and excitement exude from her, and you can literally see her eyes light up when she starts talking.  Her level of commitment to what she believes in, and the purpose to help others fuel her when the hours get long, and the days get tough.  After 20 years in the United States Air Force with a stellar, absolutely stellar, career and 6 deployments, she made the decision to focus on her family.  She is the mother of three incredible children - two daughters and a son.  They are a unit.  They accomplish things together, they overcome challenges together, and they enjoy the precious time they have together.  The leadership, purpose, integrity and strength she demonstrates every second of every day will undoubtably shape the future of these incredible children.

The Teri Vest has purpose.  I will be very honest to say the first few iterations of this were too tactical, and were probably more reflective of her past than her present.  So, just like she would, I kept at it, and voila, the Teri vest.  It is designed to make you comfortable when you are uncomfortable, so you can keep moving forward.  Just like the beautiful woman it is named after!  If you're a little chilly, if it's a little windy, if you want to cover a few extra "treats", or if you have a few extra things to carry along with you, this design is meant to accomodate all of that!  The pockets are hidden, and are larger.  They will fit your phone, keys, nutrition, etc.  There is a pocket on each side.  This is not waterproof, but the fabric will protect you from a drizzle for a few miles, and will most definitely keep the heat in when you turn your "furnace" on.  This has been trail-tested, run tested (up to 12 miles), Lake Michigan Beach sunset tested (the pockets hold 2 cans of Stroh's), playground tested (holds the My Little Pony's that we didn't really need), and New York Fashion Week Runway tested by the one, the only, the incredible....The Teri!

The Teri Vest Design Specifications:

  • Fitted at the bottom, so when you have it zipped up, it will stay in place.  It will gather at the bottom to make room for whatever you have in the pockets.  When it is zipped, it will sit at the top of your hips
  • Hidden pockets on the side to make room for your daily essentials - phone, keys, macro bar, cashews - whatever you (or they) need!
  • It is crazy light - you don't even know you're wearing it!
  • 100% Polyester
  • Designed in the USA!