Susan Tish Top
Susan Tish Top
Susan Tish Top

Susan Tish Top

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Design Specifications:

The Tish Top was one of the hardest pieces I have ever designed. I wanted it to be everything and do everything from morning to night. After nearly losing my mind over 23 different fabric ideas and returning to the drawing board multiple times, I give you - the Tish Top! It's available in short sleeves and long sleeves, because sometimes you need both. Made from the softest polyester/space-dye blend out there (with a little spandex so it doesn't loose form), it will go under, it will go over, but it will always go. I love this piece and everything it stands for, and I know you will too. 

  • Super soft polyester/space-dye blend.
  • Available with short or long sleeves.
  • Designed in the U.S.A.

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The Tish Top is dedicated to Captain Tish, an inspirational female service member who I was honored to meet at New York Fashion Week. Read her dedication story here.


The Dedication:

Everyone has a "way" about them, and this woman's "way" is beyond commendable.  With her beautiful smile, her sparkling eyes, and her tender approach, she dedicates her time to raising six incredible children, and being married to the love of her life, Nathan, for over 25 years.  Providing for her family, and ensuring each of her six children are always sporting their adorable dimples is job numero uno for this incredible woman.  It is what drives her, it is her purpose, and it is her honor.  The pride she has for her brood exudes out of her in a quiet, respectful, and humble way.  When she stands next to her children, she glows.  When she stands next to her husband, there is an instant smile.  She genuinely loves, appreciates, and is so thankful for the life she has.  Her family knows the incredible leader they have with her at the helm, and they are equally so thankful for their her.  Together, they are a unit.  At the center, you will find this incredible Woman.  You will find Susan Reese.  

This August, the Reese Family was greatly affected by Hurricane Harvey.  Their beautiful home they had worked so hard to provide for their family was flooded.  But, they knew the life they had worked so hard for their Family remained, and was stronger than ever.  They were "taken aback" by the outpouring of Support.  There were literally lines of people to help them.  Because that's what an incredible family they are.  And like so many, they didn't just help themselves, they helped others.  As their home was sitting filled with water, and with their children taken care of, both Susan and Nathan came to the Mason Road Command Post to volunteer.  Think about that - they had no idea what the future looked like for them, and yet they stood in the 90 degree heat and humidity for over 10 hours to help people.  It's just how they are built.  It is no wonder in this midst of all of this, their family took time out to celebrate 25 beautiful years of Marriage.  It's no wonder they took time to celebrate their children's accomplishments during uncertainly; College starting, Senior Year underway, Band performance, and every sports practice in between.  It is no wonder that's what the Reese family did, because with Susan at the center, they are, and always will be Reese Strong.

So now in addition to Wife, Mother, Daughter, Sister, Professional, and Friend, and absolutely incredible role model to all of us, you'll need to update your list of awesomeness.  Because now you're a Joules Athletics Supermodel too!!