Angie Tish Buff
Angie Tish Buff
Angie Tish Buff
Angie Tish Buff
Angie Tish Buff
Angie Tish Buff

Angie Tish Buff

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Design Specifications:

Buff, do-rag, babushka, headband - whatever you want to call it, you will LOVE these! I wear them all the time. There is no better way to get a few minutes back out of your day AND look fabulous during your races than these little beauties. Before I made my own, I had collection of freebies from races. While those were great, they weren't exactly what we wanted. They were hot, heavy, and unfinished. So, we made our very own fabric, tweaked the sizing and design, and here they are!

Here are some of the things that make our Buffs fabulous:

  • The fabric is a special blend that will keep you warm as you heat up, but will still allow you to breathe.
  • It will hold sweat like crazy, and will wick it away, to minimize that "wet" feeling
  • There's a special something in there to minimize stink
  • Finished edges won't rip.
  • The fabric will form to you, but it won't be tight - so no more "buff headaches"
  • You can wear it on your neck to keep warm, on your wrist (doubled up) during your run, or when you're on the trail, and you've gotta "go" - you can use it for that too (no judgement!)
  • Our Half Size is 9" long - still plenty of length for whatever you need to use it for, but won't get in the way either
  • Our custom polyester blend (just like our Tish Tops!) that is sure to breathe, and sure to protect!
  • Designed in the U.S.A.


The Dedication:

 There are people who were literally put in your path for you to meet at the right place, the right time, and at that perfect moment.  On December 13, 2014, truer words could not be said for the gift I received at Mile 38.5 of my first 50 Miler.  I met a ray of sunshine, and gained a friend over the next 12 miles.  It was my first trail race ever, and of course, I chose to "try out trail racing" with a 50 Miler.  I was athletically prepared.  But my yuppie self was totally unprepared for the southern-charm nature had out there for me on the trails.  Snakes, big bugs that bite (it's a scientific name), alligators in the distance, fresh hog prints, roots, rocks, and a 90 degree day in December is what greeted me.  I was focused, but when darkness set in, the light I found was incredible.  I found Angie.

She is a bitty little thing with a huge personality and an even bigger heart.  She is one of the most positive people I have ever met, as she is so thankful for the life she leads.  She is a proud mother, and a loving wife.  I instantly feel in love with her.  We chatted, ran, walked, and swatted our way through the rest of the 50 Miler together.  We found a light to share, we laughed, we said four letter words, and did all the things that running friends do together.  Even though we had only known each other for less than 2 hours.  To earn her friendship is a gift, as if you are a friend once, you are her friend forever.  She is a commendable woman in every way - an accomplished athlete, an accomplished professional, and one heck of a role model.  She is the "best pacer ever", and is always there when you need her most.  She is beautiful, beautiful, beautiful - from the inside out.  

So, this one is for you my dear friend!  This is for giving me the opportunity to earn your friendship, for all the cheers you've sent my way, and for just being you!  Thanks for making those last 12 Miles a blast.  Because of you, I'm still out there today.  Keep being the bright light that you are, for my dear, you are stunning!!  Rock your buff, babes, and welcome to the family, Supermodel!