Morgan Tish Tank (Tween)
Morgan Tish Tank (Tween)

Morgan Tish Tank (Tween)

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The Morgan Tish Tank:

The Morgan Tish Tank is made from the softest polyester/space-dye blend out there (with just a little spandex so it doesn't loose form), it will go under, it will go over, but it will always go. I love this piece and everything it stands for, and I know you will too.   Here are a few things we love about it most:

  • Super soft polyester/space-dye blend
  • A Tank design that covers, flatters, and is long enough for all!
  • Designed in the U.S.A.
  • Find your prefect fit here: SIZING GUIDE 

The Tish Top Series is dedicated to Captain Tish, a woman who is absolutely incredible in every way. Read her dedication story here.


Morgan's Dedication:

This beautiful girl is one of three incredible children.  Each of them lives up to their last name "Grandchamp", and each one is a "Grand-champion" in their own right.  Morgan is the only girl, holding her own with two brothers.  And this sweet young lady is also a twin!  Her personality ignites her sparkle from head to toe.  She is a great athlete, a hard-working student, and man is she a fun kid to be around.  She is so very much like her incredible mother, Jill.  With their blonde hair, their sweet smiles, and the love that they bring to everything they do, it is an absolute pleasure to be around them.

Unfortunately, Morgan's incredible family was impacted during Hurricane Harvey.  Like so many, their house flooded, and they had to evacuate.  With their two dogs, and very little else in tow, they left their home.  I was at the Command Center when I heard their last name come in, and I ran to where trucks were being unloaded.  I saw a truck approaching, park, the tailgate dropped, and the first face I saw was sweet Morgan's.  What was so incredible is that she didn't look scared, she wasn't upset.  She was actually helping her brothers get their things.  She looked back to make sure her Mom and Dad were coming off the Truck too, and she just patiently waited.  I was talking to the kids while Jill and Mike got their things together.  I gave them each a huge hug and kiss, and asked them if there was anything I could do.  Soon, there parents were ready, and we began walking to the car that was transporting them (yet another amazing friend).  On the walk, the boys were silent.  Morgan kept looking back to see if they were ok.  Along the walk I asked her if she was doing ok, and her response struck me.  She said "it's ok our house flooded, because we're all fine, and we are together.  It is all going to be great.  I just know it.  And I had my boots ready to go too!".  It took everything I had to hold back tears.  In the middle of Army Trucks everywhere, Boats zipping down the street, helicopters flying over, just having evacuated their house and not knowing what was next, this young lady was leading her family down the street and assuring them it was all going to be great.  

That is who Morgan Grandchamp is.  She is the carbon copy of her incredible Mother, Jill.  She is sunshine on a cloudy day.  A warm coat when you're cold.  A big hug when you need it most, and always has a beautiful smile, a thank you, and a go-getting attitude.  So this one is for her.  This is for leading her family on such a tough day, and on the good days too, and all of the times in between.  You're going to be fabulous my dear, just like your mama!  This one is for you, Morgan!