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Mary Peach Hoodie

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Mary Peach Hoodie Design Specifications:

  • Check out our sizing here
  • Based on the Erin Hoodie Design trimmed in Mary Peach.  Two great women in one hoodie!!!
  • Horizontal thumb holes when you want them, and a blousy cuffing design on the sleeves when you don't!
  • The absolute softest polyester blend out there!  87% polyester, and 13% spandex
  • The fit is relaxed to give you plenty of room to be comfortable, throw on a base under, or maybe one of our vests over!
  • Trimmed pockets in the front for whatever you need to use them for.
  • Generous neck design to give you plenty of room for movement
  • 87% polyester, and 13% spandex - the absolute softest polyester blend out there!  
  • Designed in the USA!!

Mary's Dedication:

This special dedication comes from Erin (of THE Erin Hoodie) herself!!:

The Mary Peach is a perfectly matched shade that exudes enduring strength and determination. Mary is the epitome of these qualities. Mary is a dedicated physical education teacher for over 25 years. Teaching not only physical education but nutrition, gardening and cooking. She is truly a wise woman filled with treasures to share! Among her passion to positively affect the lives of youth, she set out to fulfill her own dreams of becoming a parent. After a lengthy and trying process, she was blessed with a beautiful china dumpling. She traveled across the world and brought her daughter to the US, to her forever home. Over the last 12 years, she has been a doting mom, even stepping outside her comfort area to embrace her daughter’s need to be and have everything pink, sparkly and girly. 

Recently, Mary has been dealing with life changing news. During this time of personal adversity, Mary has maintained her full time parenting and teaching schedule, remaining a ROCK for her china dumpling at home and hundreds of students at school. She possesses unwavering courage and grace.

She is always a friend, finding time for a talk, a thank you, a smile or a hug. Selfless seems so small of a word to describe this marvel of woman. It is with great pride I introduce the Erin Hoodie in Mary Peach, after a woman a truly admire!