Madison Topper Top

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Madison Topper Top Design Specifications:

This shirt is designed to throw over sports bras, leotards, and tank tops everywhere.  It's the perfect top to throw on top to bask in your post-workout glow!!  This is part of our Tween Collection (Sammy C. wanted something to walk in/out of dance), but is worn my women too (I like the XL)!

  • Check out our sizing here
  • This is only fitted through the shoulders and chest, the rest of it is free flowing and so very fun!  Twirls are encouraged! 
  • The shoulder openings accomodate movement, all different shapes and sizes, and was Sammy C.'s way of incorporating some Tween fun into the design.  
  • The sleeves have thumb holes, because we all love those!!  
  • The color blocking matches the Hartmann Top series too!!  


Madison & Martha's Dedication:

I was on Facebook one night, and saw my friend Martha's (Martha is a Joules Athletics Supermodel too!) daughter (Madison) had just won 1st in the Vault at her Gymnastics Competition.  Martha had posted pictures and the video of Madison's big moment.  The amount of pride and joy in the pictures was indescribable.  It was a very special moment, indeed.  I commented on the post, and went back to what I was doing.  As a mother, I was so very excited for them both.  As a friend, I knew how thrilled Martha was, and I couldn't stop thinking about how excited she must be.  So a few minutes later, I sent her a private message to congratulate them both.  Martha is so modest, so humble.  So our first exchange was a polite thank you.  Then a few minutes later, she wrote the below back to me.  When I read the below, it stole my heart.  As a friend, as a mother, and an athlete.  I wanted to do something to honor the accomplishment the journey they have shared together.  They are both athletes.  Incredibily so.  Martha herself is an amazing Marathoner and Spinning Instructor.  She most definitely is a role model - always.  Her beautiful daughter Madison has most definitely benefitted from following the example her incredible mother sets every day.  These two ladies are a perfect example of what incredible looks like, in every way.  It is my pleasure to introduce to you the Madison Topper Top, with the first color dedicated to her incredible mother, Martha - "Mama Martha Teal".

Martha's Message:
Thank you! I am going to brag for a moment - I don't always do that but I know you totally get it. I am very proud of her. She works very hard. She isn't the best gymnast in our club but I would say she is the most hard working. She gets great scores don't get me wrong but if she could ever get a high 36 or 37 she would be so excited. She is a very determined young lady. She focuses at practice and makes every minute count. She works a skill until she has it and then perfects it. She accepts criticism and doesn't let it defeat her. She loves to place and get medals (who doesn't, right) but doesn't brag but encourages and supports her teammates. She has learned that her teammates are first her competitors and then her friend but yet has developed some of her best friends in gymnastics. She is in the gym 15-20 hours week, played field hockey in the fall, will play softball in the spring and currently pitches with the coach twice a week, is secretary for student council and most importantly is carrying a 3.9 GPA. She puts in long days - 3 days a week she leaves at 7 am and gets home at 8:45 pm and still has homework to do. It is crazy. But the most impressive part to me is that she does it all with a smile even on hard days. She is a pleasure to be around and loves to be with her family. Sorry for going on and on but I am very impressed with my daughter and needed to tell someone.  Thank you for listening/reading.


At Joules Athletics, we design our clothing, "gear", to accommodate the body when it is in motion.  Traditional sizing is built around the body's measurements when it is still.  But can we have a show of hands for the last time you sat still in your clothes all day?  Exactly!!!  That's why all of our gear is made to move with you!!  

Our gear is also made to accommodate the fit you want.  If you want a tighter fit, try a size down!  If you would like a looser fit, try a size up!  There is no wrong answer, it is all in how you will feel the most comfortable.  Because we believe when you are comfortable in what you're wearing, you feel confident, and then you can go accomplish anything!!"  (and we can't wait to cheer you on!)

Tween's Sizing:

Tops: Bottoms:
Size: Bust: Size: Waist:
Small (10) 27 - 29" Small (10) 23 - 25"
Medium (12) 29 - 31" Medium (12) 25 - 27"
Large (14) 31 - 33" Large (14) 27 - 29"
X-Large (16) 33 - 35" X-Large (16) 29 - 31"


Women's Sizing:

Tops: Bottoms:
Size: Bust: Size: Waist: Hips:
XX-Small (0) 30 - 32" XX-Small (0) 23 - 25" 33 - 35"
X-Small (2) 32 - 34" X-Small (2) 25 - 27" 35 - 37"
Small (4/6) 34 - 36" Small (4/6) 27 - 29" 37 - 39"
Medium (8/10) 36 - 38" Medium (8/10) 29 - 31" 39 - 41"
Large (12/14) 38 - 40" Large (12/14) 31 - 33" 41 - 43"
X-Large (16/18) 40 - 42" X-Large (16/18) 33 - 35" 43 - 45"
XX-Large (18/20) 42 - 44" XX-Large 35 - 37" 45 - 47"


Size: Bust:
XX-Small (0) 30 - 32"
X-Small (2) 32 - 34"
Small (4/6) 34 - 36"
Medium (8/10) 36 - 38"
Large (12/14) 38 - 40"
X-Large (16/18) 40 - 42"
XX-Large (18/20) 42 - 44"


Men's Sizing:

Size: Bust:
Medium (34) 39 - 42"
Large (36) 42 - 45"
X-Large (38) 45 - 48"
XX-Large (40) 48 - 51"
XXX-Large (44) 51"+