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Everyone needs that "one" sweatshirt.  You know, the one that you throw on over your bathing suit, can't wait to come home from work and put on, and the one that is your favorite!  This one is most certainly that!  With it's generous sizing, pockets in the front, side cuts for plenty of flattering, and just a "wee" longer in the back, this is sure to be a quick favorite.  Oh wait, AND the cotton blend gets softer the more you wear it!  It's like a return on investment for being comfortable.  How awesome is that?  We think it is most absolutely so!  

Here are some design details:

  • Check Out our sizing here
  • Generous sizing design to be big, comfortable, and super fun
  • Ribbed forearms so it will stay put and won't be "slouchy" in the sleeves (sleeves have reinforced thumbholes too!)
  • Two pockets that are made for whatever you need
  • Side panel design that allows for venting and forming around your fabulous body
  • A little bottom detailing so it will never be tight on your legs
  • 95% Cotton and 5% Spandex blend (there is "no fleece about it", so you won't ever be hot in this beauty)
  • Designed in the U.S.A.


The Dedication:

My dearest Jill,

I cannot even begin to describe the absolute joy and honor it is to find myself sitting here, writing up a dedication to you. The problem is, where do I start, and more so, how do I stop? There is so much I desire to say... I'll start with our friendship. Since our middle school days, we have been friends. The memories that flood my mind as I think on us are countless. Riding bikes to each others houses, sleeping in my parents pop-up trailer (but never actually going to sleep), swimming, getting ready for school dances together, watching Beaches over and over and over... How about that kitten you asked me to “babysit” for you? Spooky lived a long life in my parents house! Do you remember how we would dissect my mom's menu on the side of the fridge and then plan out when you would eat over for dinner? The funniest of them all was our note writing. My favorite is how we would sit and write each other notes and then pass them to each other and read them on our way to the mall, sitting side by side in the back seat of your mom's car. Well, here I am. Writing you another note, decades later. I am so thankful we have kept our friendship over the years. From random text messages, to gifts, and even sharing clothes between our daughters. Time and miles won't hold us back. I love you. You are my forever friend. Jill, you recently told me that you love wildflowers. For some reason that word really hit me. Wildflower. I looked it up, and I found you in the definition; “grows naturally, not by the works of man”. Wow! That is you. You have experienced love, and you have endured pain. You have remained steadfast and true, in wins and in losses. You love well, and you fight well. So, Jill, my wildflower, be you. Have fun, because you are fun. Enjoy and admire beauty, because you are naturally beautiful. Stand firm, because you are strong. Endure. You are loyal. You are captivating. You are deeply and profoundly beautiful. Smile! Do you know you have the very best smile? So please, for everyone's sake, smile! I'll close with a quote from Beaches... “Be sure to keep in touch, OK?” “Well sure... we're friends, aren't we?” 

All my love, now, always, and forever,



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At Joules Athletics, we design our clothing, "gear", to accommodate the body when it is in motion.  Traditional sizing is built around the body's measurements when it is still.  But can we have a show of hands for the last time you sat still in your clothes all day?  Exactly!!!  That's why all of our gear is made to move with you!!  

Our gear is also made to accommodate the fit you want.  If you want a tighter fit, try a size down!  If you would like a looser fit, try a size up!  There is no wrong answer, it is all in how you will feel the most comfortable.  Because we believe when you are comfortable in what you're wearing, you feel confident, and then you can go accomplish anything!!"  (and we can't wait to cheer you on!)

Tween's Sizing:

Tops: Bottoms:
Size: Bust: Size: Waist:
Small (10) 27 - 29" Small (10) 23 - 25"
Medium (12) 29 - 31" Medium (12) 25 - 27"
Large (14) 31 - 33" Large (14) 27 - 29"
X-Large (16) 33 - 35" X-Large (16) 29 - 31"


Women's Sizing:

Tops: Bottoms:
Size: Bust: Size: Waist: Hips:
XX-Small (0) 30 - 32" XX-Small (0) 23 - 25" 33 - 35"
X-Small (2) 32 - 34" X-Small (2) 25 - 27" 35 - 37"
Small (4/6) 34 - 36" Small (4/6) 27 - 29" 37 - 39"
Medium (8/10) 36 - 38" Medium (8/10) 29 - 31" 39 - 41"
Large (12/14) 38 - 40" Large (12/14) 31 - 33" 41 - 43"
X-Large (16/18) 40 - 42" X-Large (16/18) 33 - 35" 43 - 45"
XX-Large (18/20) 42 - 44" XX-Large 35 - 37" 45 - 47"


Size: Bust:
XX-Small (0) 30 - 32"
X-Small (2) 32 - 34"
Small (4/6) 34 - 36"
Medium (8/10) 36 - 38"
Large (12/14) 38 - 40"
X-Large (16/18) 40 - 42"
XX-Large (18/20) 42 - 44"


Men's Sizing:

Size: Bust:
Medium (34) 39 - 42"
Large (36) 42 - 45"
X-Large (38) 45 - 48"
XX-Large (40) 48 - 51"
XXX-Large (44) 51"+