E.K. Tank in Bri Blue

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The E.K. Tank Design Inspiration:

This piece is designed is designed after the intensity, incredible natural beauty, talent, strength and full-throttle love of the incredible Emma Kate "E.K.".  This beauty is an absolutely incredible young woman, and is one of Sammy C.'s dearest friends.  E.K. Is a dedicated and loving friend.  She's pint sized with a heart of a giant.  Her mind works at incredible speeds, as she is always striving for perfection.  Her attention to detail is second to none.  Everything she does, she does with full intensity, at 1000% heart and soul, and smiles every step of the way!  This young woman has more sparkle and shine than a bottle of glitter.  Emma Kate is a wonderful student, the youngest of 3 INCREDIBLE young ladies (her sisters are just as incredible as she is), and is adored by everyone she meets!  E.K.'s dedication and respect for her Mother and Father is noteworthy!.  She completely understands that she has two amazing people as her parents.  There isn't anything this sweet little sparkle won't do, and can't do.  Most of all, Emma Kate is a leader, a natural-born beauty and a natural born leader.  She is the future, and is a perfect example of what happens when you work to be the best version of yourself!  Keep being fabulous, sweetheart!  Xoxo

The E.K. Tank is designed to be intense, be strong, take what you give it, and always look great.  You can take it on and off easily, and it folds (or bunched) very small, so it can be with you all the time!  The waist is fitted a bit, so you never have to worry about being anything other than covered and comfortable.  There's an opening in the back, designed to let the power in, and let the negativity out!  With the E.K. Tank on, there isn't anything you can't do, just like the incredible young woman it was designed for!

The E.K. Tank Design Specifications:

  • Moisture-wicking fabric that will keep you dry the feels silky smooth and has a little shimmer to it to match your smile!
  • The fit will follow your form, but is not tight
  • Plenty of length, so it sits on your hips
  • The waist is fitted, so it's guaranteed to stay put!
  • 90% Polyester, 10% Spandex
  • Designed in the U.S.A.!!!

The Bri Blue and Gabs Pink Color Dedication:

These two colors are a pair!  The vibrant pink and the stunning blue, go hand-in-hand together.  These two colors were the first colors we picked for the line, and were something special to Sammy C.  So when we were developing the color dedication, her "firsts" came to mind; the incredible Gabriella and the fabulous Brianna!  These two sisters were Sammy's first friends.  Gabriella and Sammy were in preschool together, and were immediately two peas in a pod!  Brianna is Gabby's little sister, and she was always in tow.  Sammy and Gabriella always included her with open arms, they got along fabulously....and then there were three!  Sammy and Gabriella are wired very similarly - they are both dedicated to their sports; Sam to dance, and Gabby to gymnastics, they're both sweet with a little spark to them every so often, and they are both more gorgeous than they'll ever know.  The pink is definitely Gabby (and Sam)!  Bri is every bit of that as well, as she's a fantastic soccer player, and she has a warmer side to her, hence the pretty blue!  Gabby and Bri are incredibly hard-working students and athletes.  With hours and hours of practices a week, homework typically gets done late in to the evenings.  But they get it done, and never complain!  They are incredibly kind-hearted girles, and adore their beautiful family.  Gabby and Bri are an example of everything Joules Athletics stands for - healthy, strong, dedicated, loving, positive, and fun!  These three ladies will be together again soon - for the first time in over 6 years!  For the beautiful baby girls they were then, to the incredible young ladies they are now, and the amazing women they will be.....Jules & Sammy C. proudly introduce to you the colors of our E.K. Tank, Gabby Pink and Bri Blue!

At Joules Athletics, we design our clothing, "gear", to accommodate the body when it is in motion.  Traditional sizing is built around the body's measurements when it is still.  But can we have a show of hands for the last time you sat still in your clothes all day?  Exactly!!!  That's why all of our gear is made to move with you!!  

Our gear is also made to accommodate the fit you want.  If you want a tighter fit, try a size down!  If you would like a looser fit, try a size up!  There is no wrong answer, it is all in how you will feel the most comfortable.  Because we believe when you are comfortable in what you're wearing, you feel confident, and then you can go accomplish anything!!"  (and we can't wait to cheer you on!)

Tween's Sizing:

Tops: Bottoms:
Size: Bust: Size: Waist:
Small (10) 27 - 29" Small (10) 23 - 25"
Medium (12) 29 - 31" Medium (12) 25 - 27"
Large (14) 31 - 33" Large (14) 27 - 29"
X-Large (16) 33 - 35" X-Large (16) 29 - 31"


Women's Sizing:

Tops: Bottoms:
Size: Bust: Size: Waist: Hips:
XX-Small (0) 30 - 32" XX-Small (0) 23 - 25" 33 - 35"
X-Small (2) 32 - 34" X-Small (2) 25 - 27" 35 - 37"
Small (4/6) 34 - 36" Small (4/6) 27 - 29" 37 - 39"
Medium (8/10) 36 - 38" Medium (8/10) 29 - 31" 39 - 41"
Large (12/14) 38 - 40" Large (12/14) 31 - 33" 41 - 43"
X-Large (16/18) 40 - 42" X-Large (16/18) 33 - 35" 43 - 45"
XX-Large (18/20) 42 - 44" XX-Large 35 - 37" 45 - 47"


Size: Bust:
XX-Small (0) 30 - 32"
X-Small (2) 32 - 34"
Small (4/6) 34 - 36"
Medium (8/10) 36 - 38"
Large (12/14) 38 - 40"
X-Large (16/18) 40 - 42"
XX-Large (18/20) 42 - 44"


Men's Sizing:

Size: Bust:
Medium (34) 39 - 42"
Large (36) 42 - 45"
X-Large (38) 45 - 48"
XX-Large (40) 48 - 51"
XXX-Large (44) 51"+