I can. I will. Watch me.. Blog!

Well hello, fabulous one!

Welcome to www.icaniwillwatchmeonline.com!  This is the live story of the journey to achieve my dreams.  This is a story about balancing marriage, children, work, fitness, health, life and love.  This is a story of how an ordinary person can inspire others and achieve extraordinary things.  This is a story about hard work, dedication, laughter, tears, accomplishments, and disappointments. This is a story of tips, tricks, and things I like.  This is a story about the people who inspire me.  This is me sharing how I have motivated myself through thick and thin, highs and lows, and everything in between by believing in a simple phase.  This is a story about how a community of inspiration was created by a simple phrase….

I can.  I will.  Watch me.

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