Inspiration for "Jules and Sammy C."

This Collection is very special to me, introducing "Jules and Sammy C.".  This is a Collection designed by my daughter, Samantha Clare "Sammy C.", and I.  Sammy is 11, is #3 of our Fabulous 5 children, and she's in 6th grade.  She is a competitive dancer, a great student, a wonderful sister, a fabulous daughter, and is loved by all.  I am proud to be her Mom!  Sam has a little spark, a little sass, and a whole bunch of fabulous to her.

When I was developing the Joules Athletics brand, she and I spent a lot of time together.  We went through fabric, designs, and fittings together.  She also worked with me on the dedications for each one of the pieces.  Talking through the designs to make sure they aligned with the incredible woman they were being designed for, making sure the color was just right - all of it.  And through it all, every so often she would say "I'd love to do a line for girls my age", or "this is so much fun", or my personal favorite was "hey Kanye, the stuff I helped my Mom with is at NYFW too!".

The time Sam and I have spent together on this has been a gift.  We all lead busy lives, and sometimes I think we all need a special something to bring us together.  That special something for Sam and I was "Jules and Sammy C.".

This Collection is about empowering beautiful young women everywhere to give it everything they've got to be the best version of them.  This is about giving them an option for beautiful fashion, appropriate cuts (there isn't anything that isn't Mom-approved!), the same quality of our women's line, with every ounce of love and inspiration that Joules Athletics stands for!  This Collection is about removing the conversation "I don't care if everyone else is wearing that, sorry babe, but you're not", and creating the conversation of "you look fabulous, now go be fabulous".  This Collection is about creating time to strength the Mother and Daughter bond, for it is beyond precious.  It's about keeping the #gearsinmotion, smiling, having a blast leading a healthy lifestyle, and working towards your dreams.  This Collection is about clothing that makes you feel comfortable, confident, and strong.  This Collection will create a Community that always believes a woman can do anything she sets her mind to.  For there is nothing more powerful than a woman who believes in herself!

So I, Jules, and my beautiful girl, Sam, and Joules Athletics proudly present to you...

"Jules and Sammy C."