Warrior Skorts

The Warrior.  She's a person.  She's a force.  She's a spirit.  She's an inspiration.  She's a mother and a wife.  She's a sister.  She's an Aunt.  She's a friend.  She's an athlete.  She's a great laugh.  She's a great sense of humor.  She's a badass.  She never stops.  She never gives up.  She works hard, then she works harder.  She smiles when she wants to cry.  She laughs so hard so cries.  She takes it on the chin and stays on her feet.  She's everywhere.  She's who you think of when you need someone.  She's who you think of when you're excited.  She's who you want to be.  She is the spirit within you.  She is the Warrior, and so are you.

The Warrior Collection is dedicated to my dear friend Marla.  She was in every sense of the word, a Warrior.  Because she was so amazing, she did not keep her gift to herself.  She shared it with others.  She shared it with everyone.  Because of her, an Army of strength, grit, humor, and dedication was formed.  It is a force to be reckoned with.  A spirit bigger than space, and enough determination to accomplish anything.

The Warrior Collection is made strong.  It is made to be worn.  All the time.  Worn, and worn hard.  It is made to cover you when you move, staying put where you need it to.  It is double stitched for the tugs and pulls of the day, and will wick of wetness with the best of them.  It will flatter your curves, and make you feel strong, beautiful, confident, and ready to work for your dreams!

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