The Ultimate Long Sleeve Top

Design Specifications:

This is the perfect weight long sleeve Top that can be thrown on top of whatever you're wearing, or worn all on it's own.  It is SUPER stretchy, really soft, and completely flattering.  It is longer in length, so it will hit about mid-way on your hips.  This is perfect to wear as sun coverage on the beach in the summer, to throw on as you run to your car at the Gym in the winter, and the perfect weight for winter running!  Here are some things we love about it:

  • The form of this Top will outline your beautiful curves but it will NOT be tight!
  • The fabric has wicking capability inside and outside (and even when it gets wet from pouring rain on the outside, it won't feel heavy, and you still won't chaffe!)
  • The sleeves are plenty long with trimmed out thumb holes that are roomy (you can even wear gloves underneath them!)
  • There is a pocket on the back that can hold your phone, a juice box, a macro bar, or whatever else you carry in tow with you (allegedly it will also hold a can of beer!)
  • Designed in the USA!!