Hartmann Top Collection

When I started designing this Top, I was working to achieve a design that like most of my pieces, would flatter fashion, fit, and function equally, but would also have an unexpected fun element to it when you least expect it.  I envisioned this piece going on business trips, layered together, standing alone, and always holding it's own!  I wanted to showcase the beautiful fabric, with the unexpected sheens that compliment so many colors.  I wanted to showcase the "real woman" design elements too - a little extra room in the arms, but a fitted bodice so you can do all the planks you want without the "back-row" worry.  I also wanted to release this in a pair, as there were two special women for whom this piece is designed for.

This piece is designed is designed after the love, laughter, commitment, and dedication to family of two very incredible sisters; Denise and Michelle.  I share the same "where I'm from" as these two beauties, and I've had the opportunity to know them for years.  I remember being in an AP Science Class with Denise and feeling so out of my league, because was (and is) so wicked intelligent.  Michelle was the exact same.  So smart, so confident, a natural leader, and a natural beauty.  Through the years, life happens, you loose touch, and thanks to social media, that is now a problem of the past!  Catching up with them both has been fabulous.  They are ever as beautiful as they were the last time we saw each other, still crazy smart, and always with a smile.  What has been so interesting is the strength of their bond, and how much it has grown.  Over time, the beautiful ladies have lost both of their parents.  They have since gone through life's celebrations, challenges, opportunities, accomplishments, good times, and bad times without that foundation.  Either consciously, or unconsciously, they have decided to be that foundation for each other.  They always pay their respects to their Angels, and do their best to "keep on keepin on", as their Father would say.  They enjoy Sister trips together - laughing, site seeing, indulging, and enjoying each other's company ever step of the way.  And I am sure on their special trips there are a few tears for what they are missing, for it is so dear.  In honor of their bond, dedication, the dear memories of the past, and all that the future holds for these two beauties, I introduce to you.....the Hartmann Top.

This top is designed to go from one thing to the next, with long sleeve, mid sleeve, and tank options to choose!  When you're wearing the Hartmann Top, you'll always know there is someone out there who is your match, who is right by your side, and is patting you on the back (the "X" on the back marks where the pat on the back should go, and where you put your hand when you give someone a hug!).  The arms are roomy for those who want a more relaxed fit.  This means when you're running, you won't chafe, when you're doing push-ups, you won't have to adjust, and when you're hailing a cab to go out for dinner, you can do so comfortably!  There are two sleeve lengths, as not everyone likes a tank, and sometimes the sun can be cruel.  The fabric is ever so soft (I have been known to sleep in this piece), and will hold enough "glitter" (or sweat) from a 10-mile run on the hottest Houston day.  This is your go to top.  This your base.  This is your center.  This is the Hartmann Top.  

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