Brand Champions

There is nothing more important to us at Joules Athletics than our Supermodel Community.  The fabulous people, the inspiration, love, support, and "Village" we have created is so precious to us. At the heart of our Village, you will find our Brand Warriors.  Our Brand Champions are some of our most dedicated and passionate Supermodels. They are a helping hand for sharing the Joules Athletics brand, our gear, and help us hear what our Supermodels would like to be wearing.  

Our Brand Champions are carefully nominated and selected individuals offering guidance for gear, motivation and everything in between.  They exemplify what it means to "live the lifestyle", "smile during the miles", and "the power of support".  Their journeys are beyond inspirational and admirable.  We are honored to have their commitment and dedication to celebrating everything the Joules Athletics brand is, and will be.

They will be announced soon - and oh how amazing they will be!

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