What I Do:
I'm a returning college student. Pursuing a degree in Interdisciplinary Health, with an emphasis on Nutrition and Exercise Science. I enjoy helping other women find their balance and working closely with them to create a lifestyle that will last them a lifetime.

Who I Am:
I have three, almost grown, kids and a husband who dubs as my running partner these days. I've battled the scales for most of my life, from 98lbs on graduation day to 200lbs after my first baby, I've seen it all, and I'm proof that with patience, persistence and some good old-fashioned determination you can do anything you put your mind too! I love to cook which works nicely with my love to eat. I also, consider myself a bit of a wine guru, and in our spare time, we love to travel.

What Inspires Me:
By far the easiest of the three questions, other people inspire me! I'm just me. Gifted in my ability to make others laugh, I love to hear other people tell of their triumphs and their struggles. It's in the hardest of times we find our greatest strength. I hope always to be able to help others find their silver linings as so many have done for me; to continue to spread the message "Everyday is special, EAT on the GOOD PLATES."

Favorite Quote: