Jules on Joules - Fall is here! Layering is too!!

Happy, happy Tuesday all!  

The beautiful Fall weather is starting to greet us every morning.  Was even an incredible weather morning in Houston!  There was a "chill" in the air that made my Tuesday HIIT workout that much more awesome - man did it feel good!  That means it's time to start thinking about....layering!

I designed the Fall line to compliment all the "seasons" Fall offers us; crisp mornings, warmer in the middle of the day, and cooler evenings.  I chose fabrics that will layer without the weight.  I also designed each of the sleeves to compliment each other, so you won't ever have bulk from the pieces either!  You won't be weighed down by any of it! You will be comfortable, you will love the way you feel, and YOU will make those pieces look great! Here are some layering ideas:

  • Tish Top Short Sleeves under the Hartmann Top Long Sleeves, topped with the Stacy Vest
  • Tish Top Short Sleeves over the Hartmann Top Long Sleeves, topped with the Teri Vest
  • 4 strong pieces offer 10 combinations or more!!

So get your #gearsinmotion!  Stock your wardrobe to be ready for all the beauty, activities, and fun things Fall has to offer.  I promise you you'll be wearing them in to Winter too!  Now go be fabulous and celebrate everything Fall has to offer!

Thank you for giving Joules Athletics the opportunity to be part of your journey!


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  • Julie, you are a inspiration for Jody, Grace and all women worldwide! You are a superstar!

    Mark Coopet

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