Happy, happy Saturday, all!  Hope your week was fabulous (with St. Patty's Day on a Friday, how could it not be?), and your weekend will be even better!  Thanks to this Community of awesomeness, there is so much great stuff going on at Joules Athletics - so much!  I cannot thank you enough for all the love and support.  It fuels me day in and day out.  Always.  So, it's time to "raise the bar", "push the limits", and as my Coach Alain Ducante always says, it's time to "get it".

When I started this journey in November 2015, the first goal I wanted to achieve was sharing the phrase that helped me believe; "I can. I will. Watch me.".  Life has been a journey, indeed.  I haven't always believed in myself.  I spent a lot of time in my life listening to those who doubted me.  I gave them control of my goals, my happiness, and my dreams.  The only person I could change in that whole equation was me.  So, I decided to take control of that.  Athletics helped me do that, especially running.  I had four children ages 8 and under at the time (the youngest was just 1 year old), I worked full time, we had relocated to NYC for a promotion I had just received, so what better time would it be to train for my first marathon, right?  Right!  So that's what I did.  There wasn't a group, there wasn't a friend to run with.  I had actually NEVER met anyone who had even run a marathon at that point in my life.  There was no social media (life before Facebook!) to share your stats and get support.  It was just me, my goal, and my dream.  So, I went for it.  I sorted through a lot when I was running.  I pushed through a lot (you really have to want it when you train solo), and I felt myself growing stronger and stronger (physically and mentally).  It quickly became less about proving "them" wrong, and more about doing this for me.  I quite honestly stopped caring about what people thought I couldn't do, and more focused how planning how I could accomplish the things I knew I could do, and that I wanted to do.  In October 2008, I ran the Detroit Marathon.  The 30th anniversary of the race, in my hometown, just a few months after turning 30, I completed what was once impossible to me.  I did something for me.  I worked for my dream.  Just for me.

It felt uncomfortable at first, but it became about me - me versus me.  The only person I was competing with was the old me.  The voices of my past that too often gave control of my dreams and goals to others became distant.  I decided I couldn't get the past back, but I could learn from it and shape my future.  So that's what I did.  I decided my running time was for me.  Me working to be the best version of me.  The me that I am happy with.  The me that I work to be.  

As my athletic journey continued, my body kept changing.  I have always been "solid", and "built".  I have short legs, and a butt.  My thighs have always been thick, and my calves have always been curvy.  At my thinest, all of the above applied.  I'll never forget after the Detroit Marathon, going to treat myself to a new pair of jeans, and I had to go up a size to fit my new build.  Really?  So NOT what I was expecting. And the funny thing was I wasn't the only one!  The friendships I gained through the years all had women (and men) working through the same challenge!  I searched high and low for "fits" that were made for the "average" woman.  I was so tired of being labeled "average" from a design perspective.  I had worked too hard to be labeled as such, and knew others were too.  So, with that, a bunch of moxy, a big gulp, and a ton more work, I founded Joules Athletics.  This is where the "average" woman can come to get great clothes that will fit her great for a 30 mile run, or hanging poolside as a Mom, and everything in between.  This is also where an incredible Community of support, inspiration, and a collection of memories is growing exponentially.  And I know it can, and it will help others with their own journeys, so.....

Introducing everyone to.....Joules Watch Me Moment (#jouleswatchmemoment).  What is it?  It's the collaboration between I can. I will. Watch Me... and Joules Athletics.  One blossomed in to the other, and the one fuels the other.  It's an incredible circular relationship of awesomeness.  It is the journey of everyone working on your "me".  Some days are better than others.  Some days you think "damn, I've got this", and other days you think "why the heck am I doing this"?  If those thoughts go through your head, you're doing it right!!  Each of those questions are "moments" for you to decide.  Will you stop, or will you proceed?  Will you work on your best version of me?  

But more importantly, will you help others do the same?  Will you help others push through, try harder, smile bigger, and let some of it just be?  With #jouleswatchmemoments, you can!!  Share your struggles, share your accomplishments (yes choosing water over a pop is an accomplishment), share your questions, your plan, and share your smile.  

Thank you for the opportunity to blend the #icaniwillwatchme side of #joulesathletics.  What better way to share, inspire, motivate, and support those around us by doing the same?  Cannot wait to see all of the #jouleswatchmemoments from this incredible family!

Let's live the lifestyle, remove the word "average", and have a blast doing it, shall we?  Lets!

All my love, always!


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