Introducing....a fabulous Guest Blogger who shares her first 5K experience and more!!

Our Village of fabulousness is growing by leaps and bounds!  When I started Joules Athletics, part of my mission was to not only share my own story, and my own journey, but to also others.  There are so many incredible people among us who accomplish what they thought they couldn't every day.  They deserve to be recognized, and their story deserve to be shared.  This is Joules Athletics' way of paying the fabulousness forward!  So it's time to introduce....the Joules Athletics Guest Blogger series!!  Each month we'll be featuring a Guest who will share her own story of inspiration, challenges, and accomplishments.  Sharing their story takes time, reflection, courage, and trust.  They are beyond amazing, and I cannot wait to see the wave of inspiration and motivation this creates!  This is a #jouleswatchmemoment for sure!!

Our first Guest Blogger is a dear friend of mine.  Even though we've known each other for years and years, our circles haven't previously crossed before just recently.  Our friendship has grown fiercely.  I cannot explain the amount of love and respect I have for this woman as a wife, mother, sister, daughter, professional, athlete, and friend.  If you know her, you love her, it's that smile!  She is in love with life, is married to the love of her life, and is dead-on in control of her fabulous journey.  She is making us all so proud, and laugh every step of the way!  It is with pride, honor, and gratitude that I introduce to you, the incredible Niccole Siriani.  Here are her words on getting back to it after so many challenges and celebrating Detroit-style with a 5k!  Keep up the strong work, Niccole!!  Love you dearly!  xoxo 


On February 11th I said “YES” to one of my
biggest fears.  I answered quickly as if it was no
big deal, but at the end of the night I was terrified that
I would fail.  I said yes to a
5K.   Once upon a time that would have been
no big deal, but after 3 back surgeries I was scared that
I would not be able to do it.   This is how it all started...

In January I decided along with the rest of the world that I
would change the way I eat as a New Year’s
resolution.  As with most resolutions, the potential to
fail was there.  But something felt really different
this time.  I wasn’t changing the way I ate for an
upcoming trip or to fit into a dress or to make someone else
happy.  This time it was for me.  Just for
me.   Something clicked right away.  I
planned my meals and started really putting in the effort to
eat “good for you” foods.   When a step
challenge came up at work my partner asked me if I wanted to
be on her team.  I thought that this would be a good
way to start adding some exercise into my day. 
Walking, nothing more than adding some steps.  I could
do that, right?    I got a new fit bit to make the
step tracking easier.  Something about that fit bit
excited me.  I could now see how many steps were
actually being done.  How I slept, how those walks at
work with a friend helped me burn some calories.  This
was exciting.

Those steps started off at 5000 a day and then 7500 and
pretty soon I was hitting 10,000 and 15,000.  Who the
heck was this person who was so motivated.  How did
this happen so quickly?  Why did my feet hurt so
bad?  New shoes were a must!   On
February 11th I was with a group of friends for a very
worthy charity when I was asked if I wanted to do the
Corktown 5K.  I said yes.  Let the training and
support begin.  I connected with Julie Jackson Millen
that night and her support and motivation started
immediately.  I am not a runner and I never will
be.  Being active and getting fit is a different
Journey for everyone.  Julie gave me a ton of tips and
helped me along the way.   I started going to
the gym again, spending time on the treadmill and walking
those 3.2 miles.  It was exhilarating.  I could do
this.  I heard the saying in my head over and over “I
can. I will. Watch me”.   I heard Julie’s
voice in my head saying how this is just as much mental as
it is physical.  I found myself telling myself to
“just keep going” and “I know it hurts, but you can do
this”.  Nothing in life comes without
commitment.  I know this in my heart and
mind.   I was proud of myself and what was
even more exciting, my guys were proud of me too.

On the day of the race, I was nervous but super
excited.  I was worried that I would slow my partner
down.  I mean the fastest that I had walked that 3.2
miles up to this point was 60.38 minutes.  My friend
Derek told me that this was about me.  He was just
there for the journey.  WOW, what an amazing guy. 
He was so true to those words.  At points in the race
he had to keep up with me and when I slowed, he
slowed.  When I jogged, he jogged.  He talked with
me and was silent when he could tell I was in my head
telling myself “I can. I will. Watch me”.   
At the end of my first 5K, Derek and I finished in 51
minutes.   I was so happy.  I DID
AGAIN!   I have already signed up for 2 more
5K’s in the next two months and I am hoping to add another
one or two before June.   As I said before, I
will never be a runner.  I don’t have to be.  We
are all on our own journey and this is just the beginning of
mine.  Live well and be healthy:)



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