The Tish Top


When I started the tops collection, I set out to design shirts that were comfortable, flattering, and über multi-functional. And I do mean über; everything from taking a 10-mile run in Houston in July, to wearing over the sunburn you didn't realize you got on the boat, to a base layer that is covered in the morning and the center-piece by nightfall, and everything in between. Yes, seriously multifunctional. I went through 23 different design and fabric combinations on this piece alone until I was satisfied with the design, the fabric, the pricing, and the function tests. This was probably the piece that challenged me the most. This was also the piece that when I saw the final sample - I just knew it! But I didn't know who it was for, and that bothered me. I almost didn't, but I decided to take the piece with me to debut it at New York Fashion Week. It was worn by my sister to open the Show, and by my oldest daughter to close the show. It was important to me, but I didn't know why....

...and in come the Superheroes. I worked with two incredible friends to pull together one of the greatest collections of women possible to not only thank them, but to celebrate them. These women are committed, dedicated, crazy intelligent, strong, trustworthy, tenacious, and ever so stunningly beautiful. They are also Veterans of the United States Air Force, Army, Navy, and Coast Guard. They are wives, mothers, daughters, friends, professionals - the list goes on and on. Each woman agreed to walk in my Fashion Show for me. With their Veteran status, the term "Supermodel" didn't seem to fit, so I started calling the group the "Superheroes", and it stuck. I was blessed with the opportunity to talk with them, just listen to them. Absolutely beautiful, incredible, sad, and touching stories poured out of the conversations. Learning about everything they have been, everything they are, and everything they will be was such an incredible honor.

Finally we got to meet each other! I will never forget the opportunity to hug each and every one of them - truly an opportunity to fill your soul! On the Eve of the New York Fashion Week Show, the Superheroes presented to me one of the greatest honors I have ever received. I was presented with an American Flag that was flown in my honor by Captain Tish during a counterterrorism mission. She also included a personal note to me, and included my tag line "You can, You will, We're watching and cheering!". I still can't describe how much this meant to me. Walking home that night, I named the top I had worked so hard on, the one that I loved so much, and the one that was being worn by those so very special to me - the "Tish" Top in her honor. During the Fashion Show, I carried her flag with me as I walked the runway. On September 11, 2016, Captain Tish was a Superhero celebrated too!

So without further ado, I introduce to you - the "Tish" top. Available in short sleeves and long sleeves, because sometimes you need both! The softest polyester/space-dye blend out there (with a little spandex so it doesn't loose form!). It will go under, it will go over, but it will always go! I love this piece and everything it stands for, and I know you will too!