The Kristen Top


This piece is designed is after the incredible natural beauty, intensity, intelligence, leadership, love, humor, and the "always right behind ya" of the incredible Kristen. This beauty is an absolutely incredible wife and mother of two beautiful daughters. She works full time, and balances all the craziness the normal every day throws at her, always with a witty comment and a smile. She has a little sass to her, a little feisty, (and we all love her for it!) but she is as warm and loving as they come.

She is a realist. She calls it like it is, and will be the first to pick you up when you're down. She is so naturally beautiful, it's crazy. Her bright smile, gorgeous eyes and curly hair are just too cute. She loves a good book as much as she loves a good whiskey. She's from the flatlands, but she loves the Mountains. She's a wicked intelligent women who is an incredible teacher and Coach! She makes the choice to stand in the cold, heat, snow, and rain and cheer others people's children on to a strong finish. She chooses to help others be their best!

Her friends are lifelong, because that's just how she rolls. Her girls are sure are blessed to have such a powerful role model as a mother. Her husband is blessed to have his little firecracker by his side, and I am blessed to call her my friend. She is....the Kristen.

The Kristen is crazy comfy and fashionable on the outside, and warm and fuzzy on the inside (kind of like a good whiskey). It is made of stretchable, moisture-wicking, anti-bacterial fabric. The neck is wide, and the bodice is fitted. That way it goes over those curls and doesn't mess them up!

There are zippers on the side to give you options. You can go from post-Yoga to the classroom, pick up the kids, and out to dinner, and never have to change! You can run in this, no problem! Use the zippers, and you'll have plenty of room. Want to wear it as a dress? It's been done! Whatever you're doing, you'll look absolutely fabulous in this, just like Kristen does all the time!