The Kaylene Footed Legging


The Kaylene is designed after the endless courage, enduring strength, natural beauty, and full-bodied Superhero powers of the incredible Kaylene. There are few people that are as comfortable, as confident, and as calm as this beauty.

From the second you meet her, you just want to hug her! She is always intently listening - to every detail. She is always ready for a good laugh, and she is always right behind the people she loves all the way, every step of the way.

A very highly-regarded, and highly-decorated veteran of the United State Air Force, Kaylene got there by pure hard work, unshakable character, and tenacity, and patience. Throughout her Military career, through the highs and the lows, she reflected on accomplishments that reassured her choice, and took every situation as a learning opportunity to understand how she could improve herself. It is this understated confidence and urge to excel that you just fall in love with when you meet her.

Because she is such an incredible person, she shares her gift with others every day. Kaylene is now helping others by teaching the skills, behaviors, and traits that she so wonderfully demonstrates through Personal Training. She is helping people understand the balance, the determination, and the lifestyle choices that will help people lead fulfilling lives. She is still executing with purpose, and helping people change their lives.

Her story grows more incredible, as she is a mother of two beautiful, beautiful children, and the wife of an Air Force Incredible Husband! To say I was inspired and awestruck when I spoke with her is an understatement! There were so many incredible things about her that I wanted to showcase. But there was one thing in particular we had in common!

One of Kaylene's personal goals is to run a 50-Mile Trail Race. So when I set out to design a piece for her, I wanted to design her own piece that she could use for miles, miles. A piece that was designed to keep her comfortable, keep her dry, and keep her moving forward all the way to the finish. I also wanted to design something that made her daily life as a wife, as a mother, and as a Personal Trainer a little easier!

So, I set out to design the Kaylene! The Kaylene is the first in the Joules Athletics leggings line up. It is only fitting this fabulous woman is leading the way. These leggings are for her!

They are footed, they are structured, they will hold their form, and they will let you move. You'll feel the power and confidence from the incredible Kaylene when you put these on. They go with every piece of clothing you own and every color in your wardrobe.

Just like the incredible woman they are named after - they are always confident, they are always hard-working, and they are most definitely always naturally beautiful. They are the Kaylene!