The Jenny Pant


This piece is designed after the adorable mix of sweetness, style, sexy, business, and sass of the marathoner-to-be, incredible wife, mother of four, loving professional (Yes, loving professional), and always positive, Jenny. I have had the opportunity to know this beauty for a very long time. She has always been a sweetheart, a friend to everyone, and always there when people need her most.

From her High School years until now - she still has that beautiful smile! You know the one that makes you glow? Yes, that one! It is even brighter than ever! Life hasn't always been easy for this beauty, but Jenny focuses on what she can control, what she can enjoy, and learns from the rest of it.

She is an incredibly hard worker, a very devoted sister, a loving wife (who's husband is U.S. Army, a Houston Native, was my escort at NYFW, a devoted father, and one of the most incredible people you will ever meet!), and a mother through and through. She helps people find their way. She helps them through solving the day-to-day, and enjoying the little moments that would otherwise go so quickly. She believes in reflecting throughout the day to take a minute and be sure she is handling situations correctly - is she making good choices, is she helping people understand, is she spending time where she should is a constant strive for excellence for her. A determination that few have.

Jenny leads by example; through fitness, healthy eating choices, having a great time, and always trying to be her best. She exudes happiness, love, dedication, and determination. The world is a better place with her!

Jenny has this beautiful figure - curvy, healthy, strong, and a little sassy! These pants are for her. They are for the time she takes time to celebrate herself. Time for her efforts, beauty, determination, and dedication are all to be celebrated. That is exactly what these pants are for. They are designed to be put on and own it! Own how beautiful you are. Love your curves. Smile as big as you can. Be comfortable in your own skin. Be happy! Go run in them on a cold day. Work long nights in them. All you have to be is you. Jenny's smile, happiness, beauty and strength proves that every day. So give these pants a try. They are sweet, they are sexy, and they mean business! They are the Jenny.