The Courtney Top


Courtney is a corporate attorney and partner for Kallas & Henk, a premiere law firm in southeastern Michigan. Courtney is married to Roderick Jones and has a six year old son Tyce. Our friends refer to Courtney as our "drill sergeant". Courtney is always encouraging our group to exercise, eat well, and focus on living a healthy life. She was my 5 a.m. wake up call as we walked 2-3 times a week before work (to have more time in the evening with our families).

In August of 2016, Courtney was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer. We as you can imagine are DEVASTATED. The one person in our group that seemed to be on top of the world (recent promotion to partner) is now fighting the toughest battle of her life.

She is fighting exactly how I thought she would - she is STILL holding us accountable on our workouts, 30 day exercise challenges, and jumping in to join us whenever chemo is not taking away all her energy. We are ALMOST done with chemo & headed to radiation soon (6 more weeks). Today she did a photo shoot to embrace her new look (one of the toughest steps for her). She is beautiful beyond words, and we all love her so. May she fight, may she love, may she smile, may she be a Warrior!