Welcome to Joules Athletics.  We design lifestyle-clothing, "gear", for real life; going from one thing to the next at full speed ahead!  We call those who wear our clothing "Supermodels". Because there is nothing more beautiful than someone who is giving it their best, and having a blast while doing it!  #gearsinmotion, it's the way we roll!  

Purple Hartmann Tank

Brand new gear

Summer fun is here!

So...it's time for new gear! Fun colors in the designs we all love to use with your existing pieces, or start a new collection of favorites. The choice is yours. Accessorize with a smile, and you're good to go!

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Performance Men's Tank Men's V-Neck Tish Top Men's Straight Cut Shirt Men's Green Polo

Brand new men's gear

It's here! It's here!

Shop our new Men's Gear! We've added a roomy polo, a cool new v-neck, and a new straight cut shirt that is sure to be everyone's new favorite.

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