Really fabulous "gear" for really fabulous people!

Our "gear" is designed to celebrate the beautiful curves we all have.  Because we are so much more than a shape - we are fabulous!

So bring that gorgeous body of yours to us!

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Welcome to joules athletics


Welcome to Joules Athletics

We design, manufacture and sell clothing "gear" that helps our customers feel the strength, inspiration and empowerment from the "Supermodels" who inspire us every day. We are a "village" like no other and together, we are unstoppable! 

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Let's get Social

We're always cheering each other on, sharing their latest looks, laughs, smiles, miles, and everything in between. We celebrate moments big and small!  Join us by tagging #joulesathletics in your next post, and see your smile here too!

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Want to make history with us?

On Saturday, Oct. 14 epic running history will be made in Detroit. Julie Millen of Joules Athletics will be running 100 miles at one time in conjunction with the Detroit Free Press Half Marathon for a very special cause.  Check out this great run and get involved today!

Warrior 100 Run and Relay

The Joules Athletics Supermodel Mission

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