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Hi, and welcome to Joules Athletics!!  We design, manufacture and sell athletic clothing "gear" that makes our customers feel the strength, inspiration and empowerment from those who inspire us every day to work harder, smile bigger, be the best we can be, and get every minute out of every day.  We believe when a person feels comfortable, confident, beautiful, strong, and have the passion to work for something, they can do anything!  Our trademark is "I can. I will. Watch me.".  This slogan leads us through every day, and we hope it inspires and motivates you too!  We are on a mission to create a Community with it!  A Community that turns phrases like "I can't", "I wish I could", and "that's impossible for me" in to "I am possible", "I can do this", "I will work for this", and "Watch me!".  Because when a woman is comfortable with what she's wearing, she is beautiful, but when she has a Community of inspiration, motivation, love and support around her, she is unstoppable!  Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to come along on your journey.  

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Happy, happy Saturday, all!  Hope your week was fabulous (with St. Patty's Day on a Friday, how could it not be?), and your weekend will be even better!  Thanks to this Community of awesomeness, there is so much great stuff going on at Joules Athletics - so much!  I cannot...

Jules on Joules - Fall is here! Layering is too!!

Jules on Joules - Fall is here!  Layering is too!!
Happy, happy Tuesday all!   The beautiful Fall weather is starting to greet us every morning.  Was even an incredible weather morning in Houston!  There was a "chill" in the air that made my Tuesday HIIT workout that much more awesome - man did it feel good!  That means it's...

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Shelly Footed Legging
Courtney Top
Courtney Top $44.99
Jackie Top
Jackie Top $44.00
Tiffany Lynne Tish Top
The New Analise
Stacey Capris
Stacey Capris $34.00
Bra $34.00
Beverly Top
Beverly Top $39.00
Carrie Cape
Carrie Cape $39.00
Lisa Top
Lisa Top $29.00
TBD Tween Hoodie
Carrie Shorts
Carrie Shorts $34.00

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