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The Triskelion Collection

While Joules Athletics started with "athletic gear", we have grown in to so much more. From our runs, to running kids around, to working, going back to school, and everything in between; our gears are always in motion. Our newest collection is made for bodies that are "everyday fabulous". The pieces will stand up to anything you wish, and have more of a casual flair.

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Beth Tish Top Katie Tish Tank Tiffany Lynne Tish Top Tish Top Susan Tish Top

Our Favorite Top

The Tish Top

Tanks, Short Sleeve, Long Sleeve, or layering all three! These tops are as comfy as can be. With colors to mix and match, you'll see why everyone loves these. The fit, the function, and the feel (like butter!) have made this one a stable in everyone's closet.

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Warrior Skort Kelly Skort Stacey Capris Sassy Capris Wendy Short

Bottoms made just right

Skirts, Shorts & Capris

Whatever your preference, we've got you covered! Our bottoms are made to compliment your shape in motion. So take the trail, the court, the course, or the couch with these!

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We are Supermodels.

Every day fabulous is what we do

About Us

About Joules Athletics - we make fashionable, comfortable, fashionable athletic gear for real women

Joules Athletics makes athletic clothing for fashion, function, and all the fabulousness in between. From running to biking to yoga to chasing after kids - our gear is made for all of that. The most important part of our clothing is the people who wear it. Real people are beautiful, strong, soul-filling, and have smiles that light up a room. That's the feeling we want you to have when you wear our clothing. We want you to feel the strength from our inspirations. We want you to feel empowered. We want you to feel beautiful. But most of all, we want you to look and feel fabulous being YOU!

For all of those who think they can't, and all of those who know they can, we're in this together. Let's do life with a smile.


About our CEO and Founder, Jules

Founder, Julie a.k.a. "Jules", is a wife and working mother of five children. In 2005, Julie started running as her main hobby. Eventually, running led her to strength training, spinning and swimming, which led her to triathlons and marathons, and, eventually, ultramarathons. For her, the journey has been life changing.

All the while, she was spending a lot of money on clothes that weren't multipurpose, didn't accommodate an athletic body, and weren't made for real life and real people. Julie set out to design clothing for real people, inspired by the extraordinary people around her. On her runs she would think about her friends and family tackling cancer, job loss, spouses fallen ill, parents passing - all of the "normal" things that happen in life. The difference was these people were handling their given situations in an extraordinary way. When Julie started Joules Athletics, the first "rule" was established - each design would be named after one of those extraordinary people. So that's what she did.

Joules Athletics is the result.  Julie has created a company that celebrates "everyday fabulous".  At Joules Athletics we share the grass roots stories of inspiration, motivation, and tenacity.  We design for real curves, real life, and really fabulous goals.  Because the standard of excellence of our customers is second to none, and making them shine is our pleasure!

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